About us

Fumo Cigars presents traditional handmade cigars that are made the old-fashioned way. The best-aged tobaccos are sourced from across the world and blended together to make an exceptional smoke. Our cigars are made using long leaf fillers and weigh the same as they did when they were made more than a century ago.

We firmly believe that the Weight of a cigar plays a vital part to make a satisfying smoke. The quality of the tobacco, the ring gauge, the length of the cigar and weight of the cigar all are important characteristics of a boutique premium smoke. We do not disappoint our patrons with lightweight “Fluffy” cigars. Our Cigars our Bold in flavor, strength & weight.

Our boutique premium cigars are totally handmade in small batches, paying special attention to detail. Each cigar goes through a labor intensive process. This intricate process makes all our cigars into a memorable smoke for all our patrons. After experiencing our cigars, you will appreciate all the efforts that go into making a Fumo Cigar.

These fine cigars are available factory direct through this website or at select Cigar Stores